Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Double peg grind; the making of

A mainstay of worldwide freeride since the hoff first stepped upto the plate, the humble double peg is the grind of choice from everyone from rookies to pro level stunt hunters, but just what goes into this majestic grind? Over the last few years I've endevaroured to document the moments just before steel-on-steel as an ode to the humble manouvre. I just hope you enjoy these images as much as i enjoyed taking them.
No stranger to banister-core, here laurence gives a prime example of pre-pegs-prowess
 Another bold slice of action from laz here. It may also be worth mentioning the progressive angle I chose here, perfect for highlighting the hang-time that pre-dates grind-time.
In Figure 3 (see above) Drew displays his student-rail-card on Owens Park's fresh new slider.

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