Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Gareth's hunt

Since ditching the trick sticks after seeing Ian Schwartz's props bio Gaz has been on a non-stop spot search to find some thinking-man's stunt objects. Getting back to his vegetarian roots Gaz's searches took him to this organic stunter in the depths of the urban jungle, and yes he DID ride back down the tree backwards!
But not content with Manchester's foliage Gaz then made the trek to the Continent in search of the holy grail of rad set-ups; the full pipe. After hearing whispers of a mysterious pipe located in the heart of the Spanish mountains our intrepid extremist quickly upped sticks and headed out with only his bike and his wits (and his helmet and pads). As you can see the 9 day trek was definately worth it!
 Impressive stuff, sure. But what do the Sam's Wine Celler panel of judges think?
 Hmm hard to tell, Vladim looks mildly impressed, Ivan has seen it all before but at least its a thumbs up from Uri. Cheers guys!

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