Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Serious stunts in sunniest Stockport

Sure, Manchester may be home to such classic spots as the red steps or the infamous white bridge but only a stones throw away in Sunny Stockport a quiet stunt-revolution is taking place. Just check out this pictoral evidence!
Stockport's favourite son and 4down's brightest star Andrew "clarky" Clarke with an x-ride to no hander at Stockport's premier shopping experience.

  Taking a break from mis-matched crockery recent nominee for Didsbury's young entreprenuer of the year Gareth Hunt dusted off the cobwebs and strapped on the pads for this nifty slice of colour co-ordinated-tyre-on-wall precision. He may have ditched the trick-sticks but Gaz is keen to show he hasn't forgot his roots, in fact he insisted I take this photo of him to pour some cold water on his "Nice guy of BMX" image.

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