Saturday, 14 May 2011

An urbanist (day in the life)

It starts with the standard saturday morning routine, woken by the sweet smell of last nights medicinal hovering over my nose I lean over to check my phone for any details of a shred-sesh. 1 message. Its from 4down's Andrew "Clarkey" Clarke; "Get dwn 2 platz at 1, got some shutting down to take care of", the message reads.

Well thats more then enough encouragement for me and I'm quickly out of bed and sorting out my camera bag (was the first time I got to use my new slaves and was pretty excited tbfh, but more on that in another post).One strong cup of coffee later (just got some wonderful aromatic arabica beans sent over from austin, cheers Joe) and I'm out the door and heading to Platt fields (Manchester's premier BMX training facility).

I arrive early to set up my camera to get a few candid lifestlye shots when out of nowhere Andrew makes his trademark big entrance on his new baby.

After high fives all round and a quick warm up he quickly gets down to business and calls out the banger; its an old school favourite with a modernist twist and I KNOW it will look great on camera. After a few run-ups to test the water he commits; the only sound that can be heard in that moment is the hearty click of my 7D, followed by the cheers of euphoric onlookers. But I think I'll just let the picture do the talking.

With Platt Fields well and truly shut down we soon vacate and see out the night in the local watering hole with a few well earned frosty ones. Just bring on Sunday!

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