Saturday, 2 July 2011

Critical Photo Essay - Attitudes to homosexuality in the Greater Manchester boroughs

Famous for its boundless pride Manchester is definately out and about, but even in this land of opportunity some areas are more forgiving then others.

Case Study 1 - Levenshulme
Although The Village is still the place to be come Saturday night (or Sunday morning for all you revellers out there) little old Levvy is holding it's own as Pride capital of the Stockport parameters.

Case Study 2 - Reddish
Sadly only a stones throw away in neighbouring Reddish things aren't so hopeful for our tropical fish; with homosexuals being segregated into a gated and locked community located in the loading bay of Reddish beds.

Case Study 3 - Salford
Over the Irwell in Salford things aren't so rosy either, with the fairer sex being outed publicly as part of the councils "Right To Know" campaign.

Its clear to see that in the town that brought you Take That and Sean from Corro there's still a lot of work to be done. But positive attitudes begat positive change and things are definately on the right track. Stay Proud guys!

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