Monday, 26 September 2011

Cocaine Revolver

After seeking inspiration and guidance from Sale's sagely Saint Pete, Loz was keen to show Altrincham that it wasn't (or aint) ready.  But with a poor track record for stunt furniture it looked like this trip into Alty was a step too far, that is until we uncovered these cheeky gems.
Loz was straight on the blower to Earthworm Jim C and only a few minutes later the blueprints for grind mayhem had been paged through. Cheers Jim!
Woah! Hot headless feebz there Loz! But what next?
A smith! Opposite! This guy aint Orchid's hottest export since KP peanuts for nothing!
Nice horns Loz, you spiggin' earned them!


  1. hi guys, shame you couldnt make it to the cocaine revolver video shoot we really could have used some extra hands on deck! il let you know when we start production on our next project.
    cheers, stay gnarly
    Cynic productions

  2. Yo nice grinds. Do you have a facebook? Tried to add Loz but he hasn't added accepted yet. Can you post up his number? I'd really like to hook up with you lot, seem to shred alot. Thanks Andy.