Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tameside of the moon

Although stunt junkers everywhere can enjoy the red-brick of Bridgewater Hall or the satisfying slide of Satan's Square sometimes the heart yearns for an extreme odyssey into the unknown.   After hearing whispers of an un-tamed-Tameside-tranny we loaded up the van and began the long trip to Hyde.
After a few warm up carves Gaz gave me the all clear before dropping the bleedin' hammer.
After a celebratory pint courtesy of the Bike 'n' Hound's topless beauty I thought it was time to wind down and pack away my equipment, but Gaz had other ideas. And some.
Hmm ya really edgy, but can we get a zoom out?
With the spots well and truly shut down and the etc etc blah blah blah effortless style blah blah really down to earth blah blah web edit blah blah new catalogue shoot etc etc not another ghetto shed edit blah blah Tuesday with Miles.


  1. Have you lost weight gaz?20 October 2011 at 16:45

    Looks like a bit of a dandy. Easy meat.

  2. What colour are those plimpsoles? Cant tell from the photo.

  3. Too many niggers not enough hoe's20 October 2011 at 16:50

    The game got locked on some ludacris shit so all yall can suck ma dick.

  4. Skinny Pipes

  5. Nice to see gaz has given the 180 barspins a bit of a rest. Better to keep people guessing i reckon, i sometimes pop in a suicide here and there. Stay street.

  6. P.S. might be seeing a bit more of me in future. Having finished a 2 year sabbatical working as a roadie for Cannibal Corpse, i'm back and riding street hard.