Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Oldies, certainly not goldies.

Some advanced ground-work from Gaz

Caped carve


Bonk my horn.

Loz skidding past this really special mini-ramp we found in the Nepalese foothills, isn't amazing how no matter how far you travel BMX is.....something that just started off as a few kids jumping a sketchy ramp...far reaches of the world... don't have a roof over their head but are happy to treck ten miles to fetch you a flat-rail.

Ben with a high-concept tyre grab

Pre-tonkz wheelie-grind

After a really cosy cup of tea at this lovely little tea room in Chorlton (only a quick bike ride away, WHAT'S stopping you?) Gaz was inspired to respect this tree with a root-infused boost.
Gaz's first wallride

Can't think of a caption.

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  1. John ov platt fields. (I'm in the backround doing an air of the photo of gaz sat on his bike if you dont remember me)3 February 2012 at 14:46

    Class m8. Just showed me mam me cock.