Saturday, 15 September 2012

LXL Pro-Bike Check (SWC Blogsclusive)

Frame - Prototype Saracen 'I Hate Mondays' Garfield Signature Frame (should be hitting the shops next fall).

Forks - Leaf springs from a Bedford Van.

Bars - Bent bit of copper pipe nabbed whilst doing a cheeky foreigner.

Brakes - Yellow Maguras for added zest/endo prowess.

Chain - KMC (pre-snapped).

Wheels - Harry's custom radial crust wheel build.

Tyres - N/A, just paint a tread onto the inner tubes.

Any mods? - Generally just generally just generally just cut the bars down.


  1. Harrison the boy Boyce18 September 2012 at 16:07

    Hi Sam, quick question. Could you give me leo's number? I really think his face fits the new loooook booook i'm producing for wallpaper and interior magazine. They have a neat website I think you will enjoy too. Thanks for the sample pictures you forwarded for the autophoto article. I'll get on it straight away. Say hi to emily the scones were wonderful.
    Love Harrison.

  2. Popped up the shafted stem to the limit to. Get some crazy overhang now on me fakie walls innit.