Friday, 12 October 2012

Roundabout Tour

Just your everyday, run of the mill roundabout, cars endlessly circling, locked in the dance of life. But what's that in the middle? Computer, can I get a close-up on coordinates E7 please?

Why it's only last year's 'Romiley in Bloom' runner-up Gareth Hunt, and what a lovely pan (oppo IF YOU'RE WONDERING), he's pruning for us.

"I've always loved the slap-shot, and dare I say it, quirky music videos Spike Jonze made for the Beastie Boys, but what really inspired me was his backside bonelessesessessess," said Gareth.


1 comment:

  1. Thinking of making A COMEBACK with roundabout (you could say coming round again ahahaha) would you like to be the staff photographer? We haven't met but Harrisson told me about your work and it really embodies what round-a-bout-is-a-bout. Having fun on and off the bikes, yeah we're really doing it!