Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Get the London Look

When full-time rainbow warrior and potent tantric lover Loz 'Lawrence' Taylor isn't on a voyage around the new world in search of spice and silk, he's running courses on 'Business: Solutions and Synergy' down in the big smoke. We caught up with the man himself to grill him on this startling juxtaposition.

SWC: "So two frickin' words Loz, London and Vietnam, talk about a startling juxtaposition right?"

LT: "Well I sure am sure glad you asked, it is certainly a startling juxtaposition, but really teaching 'Business: Solutions and Synergy' isn't too disimilar to teaching opposite feeble grinds to backwards feeble grinds to deaf mute orphans in the jungle."

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Loz Taylor 2012 from the Make on Vimeo.

Nosebonk to fakie to cup of tea with Sale's most lucrative musical export.

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  1. Sam's green BMX components said...23 November 2012 at 08:44

    Not many left of us now. What next, plastic pedals?