Saturday, 3 November 2012

It's Just Another Case of History Repeating...

Howdy webslingers. Whilst looking over a recent contact sheet with my intern (thanks Kevin) at the studio,I came across a gem I just had to have to share. Sure, the composition may not be A1 (is it ever LOL), and maybe in hindsight the fixer could have done with being replenished, but sometimes something grabs you and you just have to share it. Maybe it's the sound of leaves crinkling underfoot on a crisp day, or the scent of freshly baked bread reigniting memories of a simpler time, or in this case... a photograph of Gareth carving a bit of plywood leaning against a wall.

An emotive image in its own right, but what really tugged my heartstrings with this one was the similarity with a famous image from the SWC archives. Regular readers will no doubt be familar with it, in fact this photo featured on one of the first screenprinted t-shirts we ever made (more exciting news on the new designs to follow).

Which brings me back to my original hmmmmmm ja ja rain in Manchester ja ja blah sun soaked climate of Barcelona  hmmmm ja ja blah simple pleasures hmmmmmmmmmmmm ja travelling blah blah right under your nose the whole time hmmmmm jaaaaaaa hmmmm blah blah time zones/erogenous zones jaaa.

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