Monday, 19 November 2012

The Essence of X-treme

Pro-Party-Planner Gaz carving up his new indoor ramp set-up. "Winter, what winter?" said Gaz.
Bad timing or My First Kick-Out?
Craig Doyle
Best not stall for too long Chris, don't want the dog to shit on the carpet do you.
Hang-time, the essence of BMX? Discuss...

Couldn't think of a caption, but hmm doesn't timeless riding like this really speak for its self jaaa?

"The secret to a powerful turndown? Accentuate the movement with a nice baggy pair of parallels," explained Gaz.

The year of the rat

When he's not liasing in hotel rooms, Leo likes nothing more than running down steep stairs with a badly pieced together bike between his legs.

Puncture Hunting with Leo Mckenna

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  1. Hi Sam Harrisson again. I think I love you.