Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The tonal rendition of Tri-X is more pleasing to me

TMX is finer grained than TX, has a straighter curve, and is more responsive to input parameters.

It is particularly prized by many alternative process printers for its ability to build contrast

I find it an excellent portrait film that renders well separated highlights and midtones in even very flat light

For photographers who depend on the relatively unresponsive (forgiving) nature of TX to input parameters, TMX can seem finicky in comparison

As a user of Tmax films, your appreciation of TX is likely to be colored by your working habits and personality

Then one day out of necessity I was forced to push TMY (1600) because it was all I had available

In comparison Delta 3200 has popcorn grain but better shadow detail

The speed boost is insignificant, the tones are muddy and it doesn't control contrast as well as Microphen.

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