Sunday, 16 June 2013

Klassik Karves... Kaptured Kasually

"Since hooking up with premier Stockport rider Carvey my eyes were opened up to the world of carvery," said Sam, remembering back to his early, head-banded days in the foreign environs of Greater Manchester

"Here's an unseen carve from my carve archives, or should that be archarves?" laughed Sam, as he climbed down from his library step ladder.

"When free-thinking bicycle creative Gareth Hunt told me he had an idea for a photograph in distant Macclesfield, I jumped at the chance to work with him. When riders are doing high-risk manouvres it's important that you get the shot first time. Luckily this one worked out well and we came away unscathed."
"I'm going to come clean, this isn't a carve per se, but hey, this is freestyle right? Looking back on this photograph I only wish it was in colour to show the varying green hues of my bike, but I suppose you can't change the past," thought Sam, as a single tear slowly rolled down the sun-kissed expanse of his right cheek.

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