Monday, 25 November 2013

This is your grind: Scotty Eaton

Starting things off we've got a seldom seen stonker: Scotty's part in 2001's sleeper hit, Shitty Angles. It may have been a good day for Ice Cube, but it was a good YEAR for Scotty, who showed promise with strong work on both sides of the bike (not only was the dominant grind side handled with ease AND precision, but he showed he could work against the chocolate foot and come through with some passable efforts on his opposite side). A solid first effort from Scotty and one that would no doubt get the scouts talking.


 Up next we've got what many SCHOLARS refer to as Scotty's 'definitive part'. A solid mastery of the stunt-nubs paired with the smooth tones of Marshall Mathers combined to make a HEADY brew that even to this day is cited as a reference point on many a mid-week post-work pre-being-at-home cold-weather feebz-off.


 And last but by no means last we've got a few Eaton-patented diamonds lurking in the rough known as Animal Cuts. Keep an ear to that ledge for some Ivy League GOOFY rotations from Jeff Zielinskiskisksisksi, some post-math-rock rock-walking from Brian Tunney and a young Van Homan in happier times before getting jilted at FDR by Manchester's premier VERT schralp artist.
Animal Bikes: "CUTS" Jersey from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

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