Friday, 6 December 2013

Dr Huck

Hmm, what's going on here. California Pro pish-pot, 'zocchi bombers and a practically BNWT camo jacket? Computer, can we zoom out slightly?

Ooof, smooth landing right Paul Thislethwaite? It could only be a young Sam Waller deploying the landing gear. Note that not only is the camo jacket still in firm rotation nearly 9 years later, but the salmon pink anodized Odyssey triple traps can still be seen on the Team Banana to this very day. The cheap man pays twice.

And we're not over yet. Could this be Lindal's very own George Meikle about to touch down with terra-not-so-firma? Sadly there's no Vans Off the Wall Old Schools With Flames Down the Side to be seen, but you can't have everything.

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