Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Fab Four

I've still got no idea why Feebz and Leo decided to come out riding in fancy dress. Saying that, it made for a good crew shot...


  1. Brian Lee Folio · Top Commenter · Works at Just being Brian, is enough work.

    THECOMEUP OSS ADAM22 DID and will continue to make BMX bigger and stronger and get more people into it.. TCU is the best and biggest bmx website in the world. If you think otherwise, you're a chump and have to open your eyes because if TCU wasn't the best, and there was something else out there.. wouldn't we of heard from it? We haven't.. There isn't.. all I have to say is, THECOMEUP.. you've made the BMX world more alive. And no.. I thank YOU for everything.

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  2. I than k YOU FOR ever yth in g9 January 2014 at 13:20

    Dylan Mounsey · Centre Dufferin District High School

    Very refreshing to see material like this, especially considering we, the industry as a whole, are seemingly in the cusp of a revolutionary turning point for better or worse we have yet to find out.

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  3. Adam22's turtle-neck tattoo9 January 2014 at 13:23

    Does comparing a popular Internet comedian and a global beverage brand make any sense? Kind of. Twitter is a medium in which comedians thrive, in which being able to think up a 140 character long joke that people relate to and want to share can instantly expand your audience. If Coke were a comedian, they’d be the kind of comedian nobody would go see, or at least that’s what their Twitter would lead you to believe.

    It’s not just that their engagement stinks, their content sucks too. Coke’s Twitter feed is updated just once every day or two (keep in mind that on Twitter there is no real penalty for posting too much aside from the risk that people will unfollow you) and it’s usually with lame jokes, awful attempts at being topical and blatant product placement. Every tweet includes a hashtag and most are completely irrelevant.